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Funder Group:
Headhunting Service;RPO;Post Outsourcing ;Project Outsourcing; Campus Recruitment;Management Consulting; Psychological Consulting; Architecture; Interior Design & Construction; Wind & Wave Energy and Industrial Design in Funder Group.

Development History:
07/2001 FUNDER Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. Was set up in Guangzhou, providing headhunting and HR consulting service.
07/2006 FUNDER Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Was set up in Shanghai, providing headhunting and management consulting service.
02/2013 FUNDER GROUP, INC. was set up in US, providing headhunting service.
11/2013 To cooperate with Italian Architecture designers to provide Architecture; Interior Design & Construction service.
03/2014 To cooperate with American energy experts to transfer the technology of wind & wave energy to China.
07/2014 To cooperate with Australian experts to transfer industrial design to China.
08/2014 Organize management consulting team and provide management consulting service.
08/2014 To cooperate with psychological experts and provide psychological consulting service.
01/2017 FUNDER EGYPT was set up in Egypt, to do projects between China and Egypt.
01/2018 was on line.
01/2019 International Education Sharing started