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FUNDER Human Resources Management Co. Ltd. Was founded in July 2001 with the vision to lead in our profession in creating value for our clients by recruiting senior level executives and talents that not only have the required experience and expertise but also are the correct cultural fit with the organization.


We have offices in Guangzhou,Shanghai and New York and have them structured to offer outstanding targeted executive search in Greater China and the Asia Pacific Region. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that they have the right group of talent to enhance their productivity and profitability, and to be adequately prepared to meet the challenges in the future. Our services are carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards and ethical behavior to ensure a successful outcome. Our long-term partnership with our clients has been build based on mutual trust and respect and through us offering superior performance in every search we undertake.


FUNDER believes that with our intimate knowledge of the local environment and in-depth understanding and experience of our client's industry combined with our unique multinational network make us the premium partner in executive search in Greater China and the Asia Pacific Region.

Our consultants possess a wide range of sector experience and are outstanding key players in multinational companies before joining the company. They have extensive contacts based on their previous careers and they employed a unique creative and strategic ways to find exceptional candidates in our areas of expertise that include:

(Electronic,Mechanical, Automotive,Plastic Injection & Casting, etc.)
-Pharmaceutical/Medical Device
-Architectural / Real Estate
-IT and Telecommunication
-Banking and Finance
-Furniture& Decoration/ Sanitary Ware
- Photo-electric & Lighting


FUNDER is committed to work cohesively with our clients to find the highest calibre of individuals. Our partnership model ensures that our clients get the quality and dedication they expect from us.

In our search process, we collaborate closely with our client to develop the job scope and responsibilities, and the job outcome to ensure a clear alignment to the client's business objectives. We will discuss and gets the client's agreement on the search strategy and timeframes, and then proceed to build the profile of candidates that are eligible and suitable for the job. We will then initiate our approach to attract the targeted candidates for the job. We treat all our candidates with the same high level of respect as our client and offer our honest advice to them to ensure that the opportunities is ideal for both the client and the candidates.

We understand that every key job position needs to be filled quickly and efficiently by finding excellent performers and we have the strength and ability to accomplish this for our client. We are agile, well connected, information-rich and have the ability to tap on the diverse range of resources on hand to provide a thorough and targeted search to assure the client of candidates who will exceed their expectation. This is to ensure that we provide our client with the highest return on their investment in collaborating with us to find the right candidate for the right opportunity.

Appended below are some companies that we have partnered and have provided unsurpassed consulting services to:

1. Nokia
2. Dongguan Molex Interconnect Co., Ltd.
3. FCI( Dongguan ) Ltd.
4. Tyco Electronics-Dongguan
5. Jabil Circuit (Guangzhou/Shanghai/Wuxi) Ltd.
6. Celestica-Shanghai / Suzhou
7. Flextronics
8. Plexus (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
9. Radio Systems Corporation Pet Safe(Shenzhen) Limited
10. Pace
11. Meggitt (Xiamen) Sensors& Controls Co. Ltd.
12. SanDisk
13. Aavid-Dongguan/Shanghai
14. SMTC Asia Co. Ltd.
15. Chungnam Group
16. Guangzhou Huafeng Fangyu Electronic technology Co.,Ltd
17. Amphenol Pcd (Shenzhen) Co., ltd
20. Coby Electronics Co.,Ltd
21. L&T Display Technology(Fujian) Co.,Ltd
22. Changan Schindler Electronics Factory
23. MEI Inc
24. Guangzhou Termbray Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
25. Advanced Innovations (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
26. Universal Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd
27. Dongguan Pulse Electronics Co., Ltd Zhuhai Branch
28. AVX/Kyocera Asia Limited

1. Foster Wheeler Power Machinery Co., Ltd
2. Southco
3. STACI Ltd. Representative Office
4. Johnson Electric
5. Manitowoc Cranes (China) Co., Ltd
6. Suzhou Migatronic Welding Technology Co.,Ltd
7. Hans Einhell China.
8. Otis Elevator Co., Ltd.
9. Wartsila Cme(Zhenjiang ) Propeller Co.,Ltd
10. Shanghai Fenner Conveyor Belt Co., Ltd.
11. Nicotra(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd
12. KSB Valves (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Jiangsu
13. Buehler Motor (Zhuhai) Ltd.
14. Grundfos Pumps (Suzhou) Ltd.
15. Guangzhou Vanta Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd
16. Ningbo Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd

1. Harmanbecker
2. EMT( Hangzhou )
3. Guangzhou Dongfeng Johnson Controls Automotive Seating Co. ,Ltd.
4. Siemens VDO Automotive( Huizhou)Co., Ltd
5. Magneti Marelli (Guangzhou)Motor Vehicle Instruments Co. ,Ltd
6. Tymphany China
7. Eurokera
8. China Grand Automotive Services Co.,Ltd
9. Shanghai Delphi Automotive Air-Conditioning Systems Co., Ltd
10. ASIMCO Braking Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
11. Marelli Motor Instrument (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Plastic Injection & Casting :
1. Nypro Hong Kong Ltd.
2. Hi-P International Ltd.
3. Perlos Precision Molds (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
4. CN Innovations Ltd.
5. Mattel Diecast China
6. Boyd Corporation
7. Item Industries Limited
8. Yaguang Nypro Precision Molding (TianJin) Co.Ltd

1. Mead Johnson
2. Danone Group
3. Perfetti Van Melle Confectionery (China)Co.Ltd
4. Amway (China) Co., Ltd.
5. Swire Guangdong Coca-Cola Limited
6. LeeKumKee(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
7. Guangdong Strong Food Group
8. Guangdong Nan fang Lee Kum Health Products Co., Ltd
9. San Miguel Brewery HK Ltd.
10. C-BONS Group
11. JDB Group
12. Warner Lamber-Schick Division
13. Jikuaifu Food (china) Co., Ltd.
14. Heinz-Meiweiyuan (Guangzhou) Food Co., Ltd
15. Olam (ShanghaiI) Ltd
16. Lv Bao Group
17. Yu Run Group
18. Arche Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Of Guangdong Province
19. Guangzhou Philippine Vatican Biotechnology Limited (door lady)
20. Zi Lan card group

Chemical /Gas :
1. National Starch & Chemical (Guangdong) Ltd
2. Guangdong Jiabao Industrial Co., Ltd.
3. Guangzhou Panyu Guomin Dongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
4. Hercules Chemicals (Jiangmen) Company Limited
5. Coates (Guangzhou) PRC Limited
6. DIC Shenzhen
7. Elf Lubricants Guangzhou.Co. Ltd.
8. Shell Guangzhou Petroleum Co., Ltd
9. Altech New Materials (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
10. Performance Fibers (Kaiping) Company Limited
11. Shandong sunsine chemical Co.,Ltd
12. Jiachun(Shanghai) Decoration & Designing Engineering Ltd
13. Henkel Chemical Co., Ltd. In Guangzhou
14. 360° Media Group
15. Guangzhou City, Guangdong Gas Industry Co., Ltd.
16. Linde Gas (Xiamen) Ltd.
17. Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. Of Zhuhai for

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device & Healthcare :
1. Wyeth-Whitehall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2. Baxter Healthcare (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
4. Actavis ( Foshan )Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
5. Shanghai SynTheAll Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
6. Kangjian Company
7. Daangene
8. Parkway Healthcare Group
9. Kemin Industries(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd
10. Pusun
11. Aceto Corporation
12. Biorio(China) Pharm Co., Ltd
13.Conway reached Changchun Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
15. Venturepharm Group
16. Rongda
17. Zhen Jing Bio
18. Tianda Group
19. Shanghai Yulong Biotech Group
20. Zhejiang Haisheng Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
21. Jiangxi Seco Pharmaceuticals

Architectural / Real Estate :
1. Yurun Group
2. Qingdao Haier Real Estate Group Co. Ltd.
3. Nimble
4. Gasufu Group
5. Rongsheng Construction Group
6. Fukang Xiamen Economic Development Co., Ltd.
7. Shanghai TianHua Architectural
8. Shanghai Trendzone Construction Ltd.
9. ANS International Design & Consulting Pty., Ltd.
10. Cai Li Building Technique Ltd.
11. Centaline (China) Property Consultants Ltd.
12. Lingyun
13. NNE Pharmaplan (Tianjin) Co., Ltd GZ Branch
14. Jiachun(Shanghai) Decoration & Designing Engineering Ltd
15. A+E Design
16. Guangdong Hua Kun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
17. Permasteelisa Group
18. Guangdong Hua Kun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
19. Guangzhou, a high Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
20. Wuhan wing of Construction Services Ltd
21. Granville Simmons Construction Co., Ltd.

Garment :
1. Lever style
2. Goldlion (China) Ltd.
4. Ochirly
5. Advanced Fabrics (SAAF) China Office
6. Bondex International Textiles Limited
7. Coats Shenzhen Limited
8. Converse
9. Brownshoe
10. Yongjia Group
11. Guangzhou Dulwich Leather Products Co., Ltd.
12. Jofo Group
13. Orchid Trading Ltd Hangzhou Office
14. Anotah
15. Goelia
16. Best Mom

1. Maersk Logistics (China) Co .,Ltd
2. Itong Int'I Freight Foewarind Co.,Ltd
3. Kuehne-Nagel Limited
4. Shanghai Zhengming Modern Logistics Co.,Ltd
6. Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd.

IT, Electronic Business and Telecommunication IT:
1. Philips Consumer Communications & SED Co.,Ltd.
2. Mobile Com Ltd.
3. Guangdong Nortel Telecommunications Equipment Co., Ltd.
4. Yes Mobile Guangzhou Limited
5. Guangzhou Jinpeng Group Co., Ltd
6. Chinacomm Engineering Limited
7. Nansha IT Park
8. Guangzhou Soutec (Group)Technology Co., Ltd.
9. eHealth China (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd
10. Xiamen35.Com Technology Co., Ltd
11. Shenzhen Winhap Communications Inc
13. Xiamen Gragon Software Engineering Co., Ltd
14. eBay
15. Diagon Alley Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
17. Argus Technologies(China)Limited
18. Chinaradius Information Technology Co. Ltd.
19.360° Media Group

Banking and Finance :
1. HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited
2. Invesco Great Wall Fund Management Company Limited
4. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd.
5. Shanghai Sheng Zhang business registration Agency Ltd.
6. Pacrim International Capital Inc
7.Wealth Investment Management Excellence Yixin (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Home Appliance :
1. Strix Ltd
2. Shunde Eternal Electrical MFG CO., Ltd.
3. Clipsal China Limited
4. Shunde Whirlpool Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.
5. Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care Co. of Zhuhai SEZ Ltd
6. Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd
7. Olimpia Splendid
8. Wahl Clipper Ningbo Limited
9. Hong Leong Aisa Ltd.

Energy & Electric:
1. Emerson Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
2. American Power Conversion
3. ABB Group ABB
4. Eaton(China)Investments Co.Ltd.
5. ATL
6. Dongguan SHV LPG Ltd.
7. Valence
8. Linde Gas Xiamen Ltd.
9. Suntech
10. Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

Printing and Packaging :
1. Shenzhen Donnelley Bright Sun Printing Co., Ltd.
2. International Paper
3. Leemanpaper Co., Ltd.
4. Avery Dennison
5. Dongguan Newisland Printing Co., Ltd.
6. Schawk
7. Panyu Plardreams Gifts Packing Limited
8. Brady(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
9. Hu Cais Group
10. ZRP Group
11. Evergreen Packaging (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
12. Shanghai Rex Packing Co., Ltd.

Furniture& Decoration/ Sanitary ware:
2. American Jianwei Furniture Company
4. Nanhai Jintai Woodwork Co., Ltd
5. Dong Guan Yong Xin Furniture Co.,Ltd
6. Logic Office Furniture (ZhuHai)Ltd
7. Roca Sanitary Ware (Nanhai) Co., Ltd
8. Kohler
9. American Standard
10. Furniture Origins
11. Waxman Group
12. Fudebao
13. Phoenix furniture (International) Group

Photo-electric & Lighting
1. Philips Lighting Electronics
2. Osram Asia Limited
3. Hengdian Group Tospo Electronics co., Ltd.,

Optical :
1. Shenzhen Express Optical Co., Ltd
3. Luxottica Tristar (Dongguan) Optical Co., Ltd.

Agriculture & Farming :
1. Kemin Industries(Zhuhai)Co.,Ltd
2. Lv Bao Group
3. Bond Group

1. Guangzhou GISE-MBA New Plastics Technology Co., Ltd
2. San Kingdom Enterprise Co.,Ltd
3. BICENG China
4. Armacell
5. Photone Group
6. Shenzhen Comix Stationery Co., Ltd.
7. Guangzhou Metro
8. Beijing MTR
9. Kids II
10. Aldila Carbon Fiber Products (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
11. American International Companies (AIA)
12. Only International Education
13. Spa Esprit Group
14. Shanghai Shintop Chemical Ltd
15. Green World
16. Guangzhou Kiyoshi Market Research Ltd., Ltd
17. Vitalink Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
18. Job001
19. Data100 Market Research Co.Ltd (Guangzhou)
21. Ubisoft Entertainment S.A
22. Zest-info
23. Chengdu Tianxin Yang Jin Industry Co., Ltd.